Electronic Shocker

Shocker with LED Light

Smallest Stun Gun:

All of this power is packed inside a gun that is only 5.6 inches in height; by far the smallest gun available.

Highly Portable:

Due to its size, you can easily conceal it in a pocket, handbag or even a pack of cigarettes, giving you the added benefit of surprise in the even of an attack. Compared to other high voltage stun guns, you will find it is 2 to 3 times smaller.

Safety Button:

No need to worry about accidential discharge, as to operate the unit you must press the safety button and the trigger at the same time to fire the unit. A red LED warning light will illuminate when you press the safety button, alerting you that is ready for use.


Shock: 900KV / 600KV
Size: 140mm*35mm*20mm
Function: Powerful Shocker
LED Flash Light
Power source: 2*CR123 Battery (not including)
High Impact-resistant Plastic Structure
Safety Switch to avoid coincident operation


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